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Q : What is Jobsinbd Account?

A : It is your personalized career account. The benefit of creating a Jobsinbd account, you will have the option of logging into both your job agent and resume account with the same user name and password.

Q : How can I have "MY Jobsinbd" account?

A : You can create your Jobsinbd account by clicking 'Login' under Jobseekers menu. Then click on "Create new Account".

Q : How can I submit my resume?

A : To post your Resume at, click on the 'Post Resume' link under Jobseekers menu in the Home Page. The link takes you to the next step of filling up the account and professional details. The information that you provide spans across the details that the recruiters look for. Once that is done you have your profile registered with us. This is your default profile which is sent across to the recruiters when you apply for a particular job vacancy.

Q : How can I update/edit my Profile?

Once you have logged in to your account, you will see the summary of your active Profile. To edit the same, click on the 'Update Resume' option. Necessary changes can be done in your Profile by editing the relevant sections. It is recommended that you update your Profile regularly.

Q : Does it cost to post my Resume?

A : No, posting a Resume with is absolutely Free of Cost.

Q : If I forget my Password how can I retrieve them?

A : To retrieve your lost/forgotten password follow the steps:
Click on Forget your password? link available in 'Jobseeker Login' page.
A new window will appear; type the User Name and click 'Send' button. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address which you have provided at the time of creating your Account.

Q : How can I change the password or E-mail address in my account?

A : To change your Password, go through the steps:
Login to your JOBSINBD account.
Click on 'Update Account'.
A new form will appear where you can change password or e-mail address.

Q : How can I update the contact details in my profile?

A : Log in to your account, To update your e-mail ID, click on 'Edit' given in front of your email id details under your Active Profile. Once you have specified a new one, click on 'Save'. This will ensure that your profile now reflects the new email id that you have specified. Similarly, to update your Phone Number, click on 'Edit' given in front of your existing phone. After entering a new one, click on 'Save'.

Q : I am having problems signing into my account. What should I do?

A : If you are unable to log into your account, please check if:

  • You are entering the correct username and password to log in to your account. Please note these account details are case-sensitive./li>
  • You have cookies enabled on your browser.
  • You have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • If the problem persists, please email us at Alternatively, please contact us at any of our helpline numbers.

Q : What is Job Agent?

A : The Job Agent is a special facility designed for the job seekers to let them inform about prospective jobs published in website. The agent will pick up all the matching jobs according to stipulated criteria and return them in Jobsinbd account. Thus, it reduces hassle by figuring out suitable jobs from a huge job listing.

Q : How can I create a Job Agent?

A : Follow the steps to create a Job Agent:

  • Login to your JOBSINBD account.
  • Click on Job Agent
  • Now, click Manage Job Agent button.
  • Provide a name for job agent in Agent Name field.
  • Select Choice Category.
  • Select Organization/Business Type
  • Type Jobs Title
  • Put Experience (Minimum and Maximum experience).

Finally Click Update button.

Q : How can I view Job Agent results?

A : Login to your JOBSINBD account.
Click Job Agent Results, you will find the job circulations those matched your job criterion mentioned in your Job Agent.

Q : How can I edit Job Agent?

A : Go through the steps to manage your Job Agent:
Login to your JOBSINBD account.
Click on Manage Agent option.
Now, you will get option to Edit your created job agent(s).

Q : Can I send my submitted resume through e-mail?

A : Yes you can e-mail your resume from your JOBSINBD account. Just login to your JOBSINBD account and click Email Resume option. Now you will get options to type your e-mail, employer's e-mail and a short message. After you fill up all these, click on Send Your Resume button. Your resume will be sent automatically to the employer's e-mail address.

Q : What is e-mail notification?

A : E-mail Notification is a process to inform you about the services of through e-mail.

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